"The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others"-- Gordon B.Hinckley.
Mrs. Goldy Gambhir  is the woman who fits this adage perfectly. She is a social worker and proud mother of two grown- ups. She is best known for her efforts in serving the underprivileged.
Among many female pioneers she is one of the great women who are redesigning the world with their selfless service to humankind. The President of " Tathastu Foundation", Vice President of " Aashirwad Foundation" and "Evergreen Women" has many feathers in her hat.
With a strong social conscience, she has set up a free tution centre with some passionate volunteer teachers to unlock the potential of needy sector for class I to X. So far, close to 600-700 students have been part of this school and received education. It has also branched out with the vocation oriented skill program under the label of, " Evergreen women sewing centre" to make women self sufficient and self reliant. So far 250 girls have been trained who are supplementing the family's income presently. The centre has also donated some sewing machines now and again.
In addition to, finding solace in her perfect green haven and acknowledging the need of the hour, she has initiated the "Plantation drive" with a moto of "Ek Ghar Ek ped". The campaign aims to plant more oxygen efficient plants.
She adds," Though it involves extensive field work but doing a work of value really uplifts the spirit". 
All her voluntary organisations are sustaining independently with the team of 11 members with its own private funds unaccompanied by any support network. They believe,indulging in loaves and fishes would just disgrace this pure cause.
She adds, Nothing can match the happiness that one derives seeing a person smile because of you. Occasionally, we try to reach out to downtrodden children and make them savour the veritable feast and also organise some dance workshops for children of our school weekly. 
It doesn't end here for this leading lady. The legacy continues to live as the children are also bound with a common thread and always keen to lend a helping hand wherever they are with their utmost possibility.
Expressing her gratitude towards her family she says, No woman can make her place in the sun unless she has firm roots of family tree. But for her husband she would not have stumbled across her strength.
She surmises, the city has array of  pridest women to plume upon. They wear many hats and know well how to  juggle a wide range of roles and responsibilities.
Besides, she is averse to the cacophony of social media and limelight and prefers to stay focused on her chosen path with a piece of mind.
This beautiful lady is wired for challenges and keep inspiring everyone around by sowing the seeds of compassion and benevolence.
Author: Nitasha Gupta