One can become the most successful person in the world, but one should never forget their roots, where they came from, and why they did it.  Ludhiana has transformed into a smart city overnight. It was also ranked as the city with the best business environment in India in 2009 and 2013 by WHO. Ludhiana is Asia's largest hub for bicycle manufacturing and is responsible for producing more than 50% of India's bicycles (more than 10 million each year). Ludhiana produces 60% of India's tractor parts and a huge portion of auto and two-wheeler parts. Many parts used in German cars such as BMW are exclusively produced in Ludhiana and it is also one of the largest manufacturers of domestic sewing machines. The hosiery industry of Ludhiana is the core of Ludhiana and small-scale industries bring in a lot of profits and many industries supply to both local and international brands. Ludhiana is also called ‘Manchester of India’ due to its success in the hosiery industry.

Apart from that, there’s a rising trend of opening a small business among the youngsters of the city. Many people are becoming makeup artists, home-bakers, selling resin-based products, customizing gift hampers, etc. Ludhiana has all the resources; it just needs bright minds to make the best of those resources.  Most of these small businesses saw a rise in demand due to COVID-19.

There can be many reasons for this,

  1. People got bored during the lockdown, explored their talents, and found what they were passionate about.
  2. ‘Shop Local’ trended and made a huge impact on the consumers.
  3. People realized the importance of supporting local-made businesses and many started ordering from their friends and family. Small businesses don’t just sell a product; they spread a lot of love and actually care a lot more about your requirements than a big business giant.
  4. Self-dependence might have been the need of the hour for many people.
  5. Many businesses faced huge losses due to the lockdown and people might’ve started another business to sustain themselves.
  6. There was a huge demand and people saw this as an opportunity to earn money and supply the required products and services.

Aashrya Loomba,18, the owner of,” From the kitchen of Aashrya” says,” Ever since I was a child, I was always interested in being in the kitchen. While during the pandemic I felt disgusting sitting all day doing nothing, so I made my page just for fun at first but then a friend ordered a cake and there has been no looking back since. Now I am very grateful for this small business and I have discovered a lot about myself through it. In my opinion, the pandemic has made people realize their capabilities which they never paid much attention to otherwise, and other than this the buyers are now preferring to buy home-based stuff to be safe which only helps in growing these small businesses. It feels very nice to be a part of this small community, it’s very encouraging too!”

Thus, we can rightly say that Ludhiana contributes more to Punjab than any other city.