1. We don’t accept money or things

 Headed by Anmol Kwatra,” We don’t accept money or things” is an NGO helping people in need across various cities in India. He had just completed his BBA when he realised he wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of helping as many people as he could. He claims to have the world’s first cashless NGO as they directly connected the donor with the needy. They don’t even organise fundraisers as they want to remain transparent. Having donors from across the country and even outside India, the organization has around 20,000-25,000 registered members. On several occasions, Anmol donates from his own pocket.

This foundation mainly focuses on cases dealing with children up to the age of 13 but can make exceptions. Anmol mostly posts videos of the people who need help on his Facebook page and finds legitimate donors.


2. Aas Ehsaas

Aas Ehsaas is a Ludhiana-based non-profit organisation that started in 2008 by Ruchi Kaur Bawa but only got registered in 2019. The foundation mainly focuses on working for women and child rights. Focusing on women hygiene, they’ve donated over 1 lakh sanitary napkins and many sanitary pad vending machines during the covid crisis.

Ruchi also works with,” Crime against women” and provides free counselling and immediate relief for the victims of domestic violence.

For children, this foundation supports orphans and makes sure that no child drops out of school. Child education is stressed upon and they even support orphans. Currently, they’re helping with the adoption process of children who lost both parents to COVID-19. They are even donating oxygen cylinders and served langars to the needy during the pandemic. Having many young volunteers, this foundation is one of its kind.


3. Punjab Cultural Society

Founded by Ravinder Singh Ranguwal in 1998, Punjab Cultural Society aims to promote and preserve Punjab’s culture by organizing a wide range of activities related to the live arts like music, dance, theatre, opera, and much more. They aim to promote tolerance and patience between communities. They have a membership portal where one can register themselves if they want to donate towards covid relief, water conservation, tree plantation, and Punjabi culture preservation. One has to be a member to donate towards a cause. They have international branches in Las Vegas, New Zealand, and Canada.


4. Shri Sat Guru

Founded by Mrs. Parveen Singla in 2018, Shri Sat Guru helps in the skill formation of poor children by helping them learn how to sew. They donate money to help the poor get married and also donates clothes to orphanages.

Mrs. Parveeb started this foundation out of boredom as both of her daughters got married and she had a lot of free time on her hands and after getting motivated by her husband to do something new, she started her own NGO. It consists of 20-25 members at the moment and they all come together to pool resources and raise funds during the time of need. They even pay off school fees and organise langars from time to time.


5. Helping Hands Club

Founded by Raju Sharma, Helping Hands is a Ludhiana-based NGO with the motto, "To help the helpless". They provide blood and all the related services to the poor and needy. They also have a cloth bank, with both used and unused clothes available to those who don’t have access to clothing. They also work towards promoting women's empowerment and eradicating female foeticide. Many volunteers are a part of this organization.

Author: Vanshika Jain