NGO a voice of speechless. However, people are making money from it but in this cruelty, there is still hope left and is given by Maneka Gandhi who is an Indian politician animal rights activist, and environmentalist.

She has started a non-governmental and non-profitable NGO in 1992 for animals, named "people for animals" In Ludhiana, there are many NGOs who are giving inspiration and helping animals such as "People for Animals" headed by "Sukhwinder Singh", is registered organization and was started in 2002. 

"Animal and environment welfare " headed by " Aman Bakshi" and was started in 2015 and saved approx 200 to 300 animals with the help of 10 members.
“Shri Ji gau seva society " headed by "Ajay Agarwal" is a registered organization and was started in 2010. they have solved approx 4000 cases with the help of 40 members till now.

they have also faced so many problems in funds and people call them money grabbers too,  also they were least supported by anyone but they still stand out stronger.

By watching the efforts we can observe that humanity is still alive in the heart of people.

If some people are sensitive and cruel then these Ludhiana NGOs inspire and teach that they stand by animals.

Author: Drishti Gautam