The youth organization IOC has been started in year of 2015 by Gauravdeep Singh with only 4 members . 

He started the organization with a thought of making change in society . However he has been serving to social activities in the city since childhood . 

With determination and dedication he lifted the organization up and made it group of 2000 people.

It is a registered and charitable organization Which is crowd funded and it's main moto is to empower education and political awareness . 

IOC is providing help to many in need . Even in the time of pandemic they never back out but came forward to help with oxygen cylinders and phycological counseling to covid - 19 recovered patients . 

They visited Delhi in order to help farmers who are protesting from more then 10 months . This Ludhiana based organization has donated Kerla with footwear , bedsheets , first aid kit etc. 

IOC has organized at most 10 conferences and has also adopted 50 schools for there infrastructure and skill development . 

Mr. Gauravdeep has received awards such as :- 

  • Nobel Asian of the year 2019.
  • Rashriya Gaurav Puruskar in 2018 .
  • National Youth Award Government of India in year 2018 .


From which  gaurav has returned his National Award to express his solidarity towards the farmers movement in 2021 .