Ludhiana Live Deletion Policy

Account Deletion:

Users have the right to delete their Ludhiana Live account at any time.

To delete an account, users can navigate to the account settings and select the "Delete Account" option.

Account deletion is irreversible and will result in the removal of all user data.

Data Retention:

Ludhiana Live retains user data for a specified period unless the user chooses to delete their account.

The retained data includes account information, posts, and other user-generated content.

After the account deletion, Ludhiana Live will no longer use or process the user's personal information.


Certain data may be retained for legal or regulatory compliance purposes.

Ludhiana Live may retain anonymized or aggregated data for analytical purposes.


Users will receive a confirmation email upon successful account deletion.

STEPS to follow to delete your account on Ludhiana Live:

  1. Step 1
    Step 1

  2. Step 2
    Step 2

  3. Step 3
    Step 3